Friday, June 03, 2005

Coastal Club Vacations:Travel-Money-Freedom

Who Else Wants to Have A Call Center to
Take All Your Prospect's Phone Calls for You,
Close Your Sales For You, Send you
The Money and HELP You Earn up to $1000
A Week or Even $1000 Per Day Without
Hardly Lifting a Finger?

Welcome to My Page!
Thanks for visiting my page.

You're probably here because you're looking at Coastal Vacations as a potential business. The purpose of this site is to simply introduce myself to you, begin to build a relationship with you, and present what this business has to offer. I believe that success in business is the result of first building a good relationship with people and then helping those people to succeed.

First, I would like to take the opportunity to share my story with you. It is just as important to consider the person that you will work with as well as the business opportunity that you choose. You can have the best business opportunity in the world but you also should consider the type of person that you can work well with to achieve those goals. If I happen to be the person that you choose to work with, I will consider myself priviledged to do so.

I am a stay at home mom with two small sons. One is 5 and the other is 2. Prior to the birth of my second son in January 2003 I had been an elementary school teacher for several years. After he was born my husband and I decided that we would like for me to stay home with our boys and not let other people raise them. Unfortunately we quickly realized that going from a two income household down to one that it was very difficult to make ends meet every month. I began looking for home business opportunities. I tried a couple of different businesses, but lost quite a bit of money in the process. I began to think that I would never find a successful business opportunity.

This may be something that you can relate to...

Many people try and fail at many businesses before they find the one that is right for them. I am glad that I didn't give up. You shouldn't give up either. Keep looking for your perfect fit.

With that said, I am excited to share this business with you because I believe in Coastal Vacations. If you decide to get started with Coastal and plug into our system, follow the directions and work diligently, then you will make money with this business. Take a close look at Coastal Club Vacations. I hope that you decide that this business is for you. I would be honored to work with you.

From: Linda Woodward-Hamilton, New Jersey
April 28, 2005 - 12:00pm

Dear Friend,
What if I told you, that you could join a legitimate, 10 year old home based business, and then do just enough work to get some advertising messages in targeted media places, and begin to potentially collect $1000 checks over and over, and have a perpetual money machine, without hardly doing ANY work?

Sounds like a scam huh?

But is it? Keep reading to discover the answer!

10 years ago, Coastal Vacations Club was started. Coastal is a top 5 rated home based business in the wholesale travel club industry, with a product of tremendous value, worth over $15,000, but only sold for $1295.

Visit to find out more.

We market this product to others via a direct sales model, where one earns a commission of $1000 per sale of a $1295 product. What a fantastic commission!

But it gets better, just making a $1000 commission is wonderful,

but look at this....

Coastal has a unique training system, which asks that every new associate who receives the vacation membership package and wants to market it, must first pass up two training sales, of full value to their enrolling director.

Once those two sales are completed, an associate becomes a director and you earn a great $1000 or more commission per direct sale.

Make 1 sale per week and you earn $52,000 per year. How many people would be happy with an extra $52,000 per year of income? I would. What about you?

Make 1 sale per month and you would have an extra $12,000 worth of income.

Make 1 sale every other month, and you just added $6,000 to your bank account, and did not have to talk to 1000's of people and "build a huge downline" in some MLM potions and lotions company.

Well, look at this...

Every person, whether YOU bring them into your business yourself, or whether they were given to you as a training sale, from one of your associates, trying to qualify, MUST PASS YOU their first two sales to become a Coastal Vacation Director. Remember, each sale is worth $1000.

For example.... You sign up 2 people. They need to bring you how many each to qualify?

They both need to bring you 2 each for a total of 4.

Now, your business has 4 more people in it, and they want to qualify and become directors as well. They now need to get 2 sales each, and pass them to you to become directors.

That is now 4 people, giving you 2 sales each, for a total of 8 more sales.

And then on and on it goes potentially, in a perfect world, 8 becomes 16, which becomes 32, which becomes 64, etc, etc, etc.....

Remember.... each sale is worth $1000.

Now, you are asking yourself.... "Ya, but how many people are doing this and do people really pay $1295 to buy a Coastal membership?"

You bet they do, as a matter of fact, Coastal distributors sell 1000's of packages into the market place each month!


Coastal Vacations Club members save up to 85% off all their travels for life!

After you review the site, don't forget to come back here and finish reading this one!


Your biggest problem is.... YOU ARE NOT A SALES PERSON, and you don't know HOW to market ANYTHING, because you have NEVER marketed ANYTHING before!?

Am I Right? Are you a newbie to the internet or direct sales?

But you love the idea of the Coastal Vacations Business, and just wish there was a better way to do it? Don't you wish there was a better way?

So how in the world can you make money in this business? You must be a quick learner, hard worker, be determined no matter what, not give up, pay your dues, and MAYBE, if you do the right things, and say the right words, and build relationships with the right people, you might make 2 sales a month....


So if you read the headline at the top of the website, you might be asking yourself about this point, "So how am I to be lazy and not have to do any selling or hardly lift a finger to make some money here?"

Great Question! Let me answer it below.

We have a Coastal Call Center, who is willing to do all the work for you, but you have to pay a price. A one time fee, of only $1995.00 to get started, instead of the $1295 it would normally cost, and don't freak out about the price increase, because it will make sense in a moment.

For $1995, you still receive a Level One Coastal Travel Package and the extra fees subtracted out, which go to pay for the expenses of running the call center and allowing them to do all the work for you, close the sales for you, and send you the money, so you don't have to lift hardly a finger to push the 'send' button!

Are you a sales person? If you are, then this might NOT be right for you.

Are you NOT a sales person? If you are not a sales person, then this might be exactly the business, with the right system that you have been looking for. No sales experienced required or needed with our unique closing system.

Features and Benefits
of Your Call Center doing the work for you:

*Your call center will close your sales for you - this is the key to your system.
You don't have to talk to anyone, EVER.

*Your call center will collect the money and send it to you priority mail, right
to your door, everyday you earn a $1000 payment. If you are too lazy to deposit
checks in the bank, maybe this is NOT the right business for you, I mean, after all,
there is a limit to how lazy you have to be to make money here.

*Your call center will follow up with prospects over time, so you don't have to,
again, you don't have to talk to anyone EVER. You just place ads online and offline.

*Your call center will let you log in to a website and track your progress,while
seeing our sales associates notes and follow-up plans on the prospects who have
called in about your ads! This proves the system is working and you see your ad
results, instead of wondering if anyone ever responded.

*Your call center allows you to get involved in the process, if you desire to as
well. If you are a Coastal Member currently, or if you join and use the call center,
you can build your business in other marketing areas. OUTSIDE the call center. Have
multiple Coastal income streams coming to you, through your marketing. But you still
need to get two sales through the call center system to be "income qualified."

*Your call center will be staffed with the highest caliber of phone talent, without
doing any "high pressure" closes. You can call them and test them yourself, and see
if they pass your test.

*Your call center will continue this process indefinitely, while creating possible
endless powerlegs of people advertising to send you their first two sales. Just sit
back and collect $1000 checks, over and over. Imagine what a payline of 5 or 20
people will do for you!

Which business will most people choose to be a part of?

Coastal Vacations Club Business Plan "A"
You can make $1000 a day, we show you multiple ways how to advertise, we tell you what to say with scripts, we show you how to follow up, and we show you how to chase leads, and then how to close the sales. Yes, it's a lot of work, but remember, you make $1000 on every sale. (In other words, we are telling people that we are going to turn them into salespeople - remember, 95% of people DO NOT LIKE TO SELL!)


Coastal Vacations Club Business Plan "B"You can make $1000 a day, we show you how to advertise - in fact, we'll even jumpstart your business by providing you over $500 worth of advertising tools for you to use, plus we offer tips and a training system for you, so you can learn how to place your own ads. Then WE will answer the phones when your prospects call in, WE will present the business, WE will do the follow up, and WE WILL CLOSE THE SALES!!! Every time we close the sales for you, a $1000 profit is earned, but remember to show your new associate how to do some simple advertising to encourage and motivate your new associate, to duplicate the 2 up process by placing ads on and offline - PERPETUAL 2 Ups Possible!

9.9 out of 10 will choose business plan "B"!

People in Coastal Vacations have been trying to create systems to FACILITATE the
selling process. WHY? Because, again, 95% of people don't like to sell, don't know how to sell, or simply aren't comfortable with selling. But, these systems can only take you so far. Ultimately, they still have to talk to people and close the sale it they want to make money.

What we are offering, very simply (yet very powerfully), is that they NEVER have to talk to anyone to make money (If they don't want to).

Who Is A Good Candidate for Using the Call Center?

*People with no time, and who work fulltime jobs
*People with no background in sales
*People who have never started a home based business
*People who are lazy
*People who like to automate their income streams
*People who are procrastinators, and forget things a lot
*People who can't speak English well, and would like us to do the work for you.
*People with time, interest and money to get started
*People who love to travel and save money
*People with desire, and a passion to lose their jobs on purpose
*People who hate their jobs, and want out of the rat race
*People who think they are not very "bright"
*People who value spending more time with their families
*People who need extra retirement income
*People who are disabled or on disability programs
*People who like their job, but who just need a little more money
*People who like making money the easy way
*People who can follow instructions and learn how to advertise

Just get the phones ringing at our call center. Now, can you talk with people if you want to? Absolutely. But, remember, people learn how to do the business by what they see you doing. If you're telling them simply to call this number, they will feel comfortable knowing that all they have to do is get people to call the number. Make sense?

Here's how the $1995 package breaks down:

1. $295 - wholesale cost of the Coastal Vacation Package
2. $1000 - in upline's or your pocket (only when a sale is made)
3. "The Guerilla Marketing Handbook" - Shows powerful offline ads 250 full color business cards, postcards, fliers, and door hangers
(1000 total), if you respond within 48 hours. ($500 Value Free!)
4. $700 - one-time set-up fee to use our call center indefinitely. Once you are in, you advertise and market a simple toll-free phone # plus an ad, which I'll show you a little further down the page. You will also be given a unique user ID to send people to the call center with, and then step away..... they do the work for you!


So, are you catching on here? There is no "catch" or hidden fees!

Everyone who comes into the call center through you, must give you their first two sales. But the system is going to do all the heavy lifting and help take away the pain of selling and rejection, by taking YOU out of the equation, and then DOING all the sales work for you, so you can do other things, and devote yourself to other projects, or simply enjoy more time with family or doing the things you love!

Do you understand how a system like this could blow up and just send you insane amounts of 2 ups? You will not find a system or payout structure like this ANYWHERE on the internet, but here, and for a short, limited time only offer, you can get in now, and NOT have to pay a monthly ongoing membership fee. If you sign up today, we will waive the membership fee of $99 a month.

To get started using this system, please send a Cashiers Check/Money Order in the amount of $1995.00 immediately to:

Clear Business Solutions, LLCSuite 127
1423 S. Higley Rd.Mesa, AZ 85206
paypal address is: and payment must be for: $2050 to cover extra paypal fees.

Our Coastal Call Center also needs the following information from You:
Your name
Your address
Your phone number
Your Director's Name, which is Linda Woodward.

In order to take advantage of this offer, we need to receive full payment immediately. This offer will not be around to everyone forever, so get in today.

You must fill out and sign contracts, and send them back to CBS:

You will get a Contract with Clear Business Solutions which will be sent to you once your order is received, and then you will also need to fill out and send back a Form W-9. Yes, we do this business totally legit, for everyone's own protection.

Here are sample ads:

Earn $1000 Per Day!
WE help you advertise.
WE take the calls.
$1,995 one-time purchase
(800) 704-7344 (YOURID)

Travel - Money - Freedom
Earn up to $5000 per week
We help you advertise
We take your calls
We close your sales
$1995 start-up cost
(800) 704-7344 (YOURID)

You can word your ad any way you wish, but it must include the remark about a $1995 required purchase in print. Failure to do so, is immediate removal from the call center.

Your back office will be at (for the time being):

You'll need a username and password, which you will get once you get started. When you are officially in the system you will be able to track online who your sales are, what tele-coach spoke to your leads and who is joining because they got closed and you did nothing! You will see downline genealogies too, so you can track who is doing the work and sending you those two sales...this is automation, at work, in motion - it's beautiful, don't you think? Why not show people how smart you really are?

I look forward to sharing with you the unbelievable prosperity that this system has provided us in the last 6 weeks.

Results Anyone?

Within 6 weeks of this call center going fully operational, there were over 22 sales generated. 50% of the people who got started had their 2 ups done within a few weeks! Another 14%-17% had at least ONE of their two ups done, and One more to go.

But don't let these results make you think this is a slam dunk. This is not a "guaranteed sign ups" program, like many have seen and been burned with, this is different, unique, working and powerful.

Everyone will have different results, based on advertising. How you advertise is really the key. No two ads or sources will produce any equal results. So, keep this in mind, you could not get ANY leads or you could get a lot of leads with your ad placement. You'll never know, unless you try, and purchase a coastal call center level one product immediately and get the call center add-on with it for only a one time fee of $1995.

The systems work. Ads work. Put them out there in big and small market places. People are looking for what we have. Test in small markets, once your ad pulls, go into more and more markets, and get more results.


You must only call the phone center if you are willing to spend the $1995 starting service fee. It only wastes their time to have you call and not be a serious business minded person, with no money.

Who else wants to have time freedom, and money freedom in 2005 and beyond?

The journey begins now, call the toll-free number now, and test our marketer's closing skills, put them to the limit of their abilities, and you will be shown their true intestinal fortitude! Go ahead and test us. Throw the kitchen sink at them. Poke holes in our marketing plan any way you want, and in the end, it will be proven true. Don't believe me? CALL NOW!


Call now, pick up the phone and call immediately. Do it

--->> (800) 704-7344 <<--- When asked for, give my ID# 1230LW

Paul E. Langley, CSA President Clear Business Solutions, LLC (480) 505-6212
Linda Woodward Coastal Vacations Associate (609)259-1230


What about Premier Sales?

What about Premier sales? Does the call center process premier sales? No they do not. They will only close level 1 sales, and send premier sales back to the distributor to close.

Here is a clever way to come into the call center as a premier buyer (which in my opinion is the best business move).

Within Linda's system, a premier member only needs TWO SALES of any type to become a director. So, if you wanted to join premier and USE the call center to get those two sales (Yes! 2 Level One Sales Count as your two, in my business!), you would have to pay $3995 for the premier package plus $700 for the call center fee for a total of $4695.

Then just place ads like everyone else and when you get your "two up's" you get a premier release form. Make sense? Sound good? Then call me directly to handle the premier sales, as the call center will not process them, and we must do it on my processor.

Members who do not come in at premier levels and who later want to upgrade will be encouraged to do so, so they can earn those $3200 checks.

Get started with the premier program today.

Disclaimer: There are no guarantees anyone will make money with this system, or that you will get leads from your ad campaigns. Your success is directly dependent on your own advertising efforts, of which no two results will be exactly the same. Clear Business Solutions and Linda Woodward are not responsible for lost income or failure to produce results.